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Updated: Oct 4, 2022

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Cryptocurrencies are digital money not controlled by traditional systems such as the government as they are considered decentralized. These coins and tokens perform on blockchain technology and getting popular vastly on wall street. As we all have heard about Bitcoin, it is introduced first and is the most popular currency because of its limited supply. Nowadays, various Tokens and Coins are being introduced in the market with different visions and missions. It can be seen how digital currencies are continuously attaining the traction of investors or buyers. According to the report, about 2000 cryptocurrencies have been introduced into the market.

Here comes the Aquila token in the picture which aims to provide the best Metaverse and Virtual experience to the users.

What is Aquila and why should we care about it?

Aquila eternity is an advanced crypto project with the mission of transforming the way of interacting, Gaming, VR experience, NFT, Fashion, Art, as well as Investing. Your entry portal into the Aquila universe is With a great experienced team and a huge committee, Aquila is booming in the market while dominating rivals like Shiba and Prosper with the vision of giving access to advanced technologies to anyone in the world. Aquila eternity is committed to building the most powerful and realistic digital metaverse. Aquila is creating the most advanced metaverse Forest and City with the motive of giving immersive experiences of Virtual Reality to the users. With Aquila Eternity users will be able to trade in modern blockchain technology like NFTs, VR Gaming, Arts Fashion, and Metaverse powered by AQA Token.

Aquila Token

With a total supply of 1,500,000,000 AQA tokens, we are committed to providing the benefits of this advanced technology to everyone out there in the world.

Aquila Eternity provides Aquila tokens (AQA) which can be used for trading in any blockchain technology like for NFTs, VR Gaming, Arts Fashion, and Metaverse. The promising feasible and futuristic concept of Aquila is leading the AQA Tokens to be recognized as a trending crypto attraction for investors, entrepreneurs, and artists. Aquila Token (AQA) is a Virtual Reality platform in BEP20 (Binance smart chain) that aims to redefine how people engage with one another and enjoy the future of Arts, NFTs, Fashions, Avatars, and Gaming. All the transactional values in the Aquila Forest and Aquila City Metaverse were powered by the AQuila (AQA token).

By creating successful businesses supported by a decentralized economy, Aquila increases awareness and demonstrates the practical utility of crypto tokens further than the bull market. The Aquila committee confides that the AQA token will become a universal feature of the metaverse as this project will perform as a bridge between reality and the digital world In never-before-seen ways. AQA tokens will allow artists, entrepreneurs, and users to interact, trade, and benefit through the digital Metaverse City & Forest.

AQA is also attracting big names in the Fashion industry because of its unique proposition of Web 3.O Fashion app. This will allow users to buy Fashion items, NFTs, and Avatars with AQA tokens through the web fashion application. The best part is all these assets can be used in the Aquila Forst, Aquila City, and Metaverse games. With AQA tokens, whatever asset a user will purchase will be there both digitally and physically. Aquila’s unique smart contracts also play a very crucial role in promising trustworthy security to users.

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