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Are you ready to explore the world's digital Metaverse city and forest? With Aquila Eternity, we transport you and your real-world assets into the metaverse for out-of-this-world exploration and experiences.

Aquila offers a virtual reality platform based on blockchain technology that generates ultra-realistic 3D avatars and virtual objects for usage in gaming, virtual reality, social networking, and online fashion. The technology also allows for the fabrication of NFTs from real-world artworks and antiques.

We're combining this powerful technology with a marketplace and a one-of-a-kind token-based ecosystem to provide users, gatherers, artists, and inventors direct access to future virtual opportunities in the Metaverse. The ingenuity of the Aquila team combined with next-generation technology will make AQA one of the most intriguing projects of 2022-2023.

Aquila Eternity, a virtual reality platform that intends to reinvent how people engage with each other and experience the Arts, NFTs, Fashions, Avtars, and Gaming use the AQA token as its virtual reality platform's currency. In the Metaverse, an alternate universe that is being created in collaboration with artists, producers, and entertainment firms, the AQA token powers all value exchanges within Aquila City and Aquila Forest.

The Aquila team has launched a Web 3 lifestyle application that gives users quick access to a variety of lifestyle goods, including clothing, accessories, and cosmetics.

In H1 2024, Aquila will be live. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Dubai Expo in 2022, the technology was first made available to the general audience. By the end of the year, Aquila anticipates 1.8 million users.

Aquila Eternity is the technological and commercial evolution of Metaverse. Through international content collaborations, the Community provides the Aquila Eternity with events and experiences. The management team of Aquila asserts that technological cooperation and strategic alliances are constantly aimed at realising Aquila's most significant contribution to the virtual reality landscape—to make it completely Decentralised Metaverese.


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Aquila (AQA) token is the virtual reality-platform currency of Aquila Metaverse, based on BEP20 Binance smart chain total supply of 1.5 billion.


A Virtual Reality platform that aims to rethink the way of people interact with each other and experience the Arts, NFTs, Fashions, Avtars, Gaming in BEP20. AQA token drives all value transactions within Aquila City and Aquila Forest in the Metaverse.

Contract Address : 0x3cb0deE92728178C485ce2CbEeC536d5CD9cf393

BEP 20 : Binance Smart Chain 

Decimal : 18


Meet The Team


K Subodh

Founder & CEO

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We have experience with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and our team has created powerful projects that have contributed to the cryptocurrency industry.


K. Subodh , our founder and CEO, has extensive experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology industries.

Ashwini S_PH_AquilaMeta

Ashwini S

Project Head & Creative Director

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