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The AQA token serves as the virtual reality platform's currency for enjoy the arts, NFTs, fashions, avatars, and gaming. The AQA token drives all value transactions in Aquila City and Aquila Forest in the Metaverse, an alternate reality being developed in partnership with creators, producers, and entertainment companies.

The Metaverse is developed on the integration of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies, enabling visual and audio interactions with digital items, virtual environments, and people. As a result, the Metaverse is a networked web of multiuser immersive and social persistent platforms. Many games and platforms are already providing entertainment, alternative lifestyles, creative marketing, augmented ads, and new revenue streams in virtual worlds. However, the metaverse's true potential has yet to be realised.

Aquila Eternity, a virtual reality platform that intends to reinvent how people engage with each others.

Aquila Eternity

Aquila eternity city

Tour to
Aquila Eternity city 

Immerse yourself in a universe full of thrilling activities that bring people together. Share unforgettable experiences with your loved ones play games, experience meta city and many more.


Cryptocurrencies will be used as currency in the metaverse

The blockchain notion is at the heart of this. This is when the words "metaverse coins," "metaverse tokens," and "metaverse crypto" come into play. Every metaverse project has its own set of tokens that are used for transactions within that environment.

Aquila metaverse
Aquila metaverse gaming

Metaverse Gaming

NFT avatars are digital images of a character generated by an algorithm in the profile picture format. Each of them is individually  unique. NFT avatars are driven by the community and have intrinsic value as a form of digital identity, investment, and provider of community benefits.

Aquila Web 3

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is simply the next generation of the Internet

Our first objective with Aquila is to get 10 million users into sophisticated digital technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency, which are rapidly emerging in this Web 3 era. Aquila uses the power of Web 3.O to deliver real-world business possibilities to both customers and suppliers.


As a result, both the category and the traders will profit. Brands and individual fashion designers will benefit from more approachable monetization tactics and improved product control.


Virtual Reality immersive illusion

of being elsewhere

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that allows humans to have the immersive illusion of being somewhere else.


is a blockchain-powered gaming platform

People use purchased avatars as profile images on sites such as Twitter, Discord, and other social media platforms, and they serve as a creative outlet for their online personas. Avatar ownership also comes with a number of metaverse-only benefits.



Growth with

Contract Address : 0x3cb0deE92728178C485ce2CbEeC536d5CD9cf393

BEP 20 : Binance Smart Chain 

Decimal : 18

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